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“Our home” was painted for my husband Peter D. Clark’s eight book “Treasured Memory”. We have owned a place on the Nashwaak river since we were married in August 1979. This Miramichi log home has been what we call “home” since 1986. Pretty hard to beat waking up with the view of the magnificent river every morning.



A frequent stop to see if there are any Atlantic salmon at the Doaktown bridge prompted me to paint “Doaktown Train Bridge”. Facing the Miramichi  river the Doaktown bridge is on the right and the train bridge on the left. We do this stop quite often on our way back from our camp in Blackville. This painting is a redemption of a stop the last day of fishing season a few years back.



“Canoe at Nash Bar” is ” parked” at a salmon fishing pool near our camp. I started this painting in watercolour and finished it in acrylic. I was honoured to be ask to include it in Sharon E. Wright book ” Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers”.



When my husband and I bought our log home in April 1986 on the Nashwaak river we knew it had to be filled with antiques and collectible. Then we weren’t shy to knock at doors and asked if they would have anything they would like to part with. These were the days before Ebay! Not long after Peter and I visited all the antique shops and flea markets from Fredericton to Brockville, ON and attended many auctions in search of more treasures. ‘Creel and Reel” is a painting depicting a few treasures in our collection.



Often people say to us “Hey I found the red canoe, I found your place.” So if you see a red canoe chances are it’s us on the Miramichi! I have photographed it very often, don’t be surprised if you see more paintings with the “Red Canoe” in it.


“Fisherman on the Cains” was painted in oil while doing a Fibre Art certificate in Brockville, ON. I was so intense into it that I swear Peter, my husband was casting that Bomber as I was there while painting him. I know it may sound weird.. but what a feeling it was!




Salmo salar


Middle Camp, Grand Cascapedia



Blue Jays

Blue Jay


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